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Barnabas Woolbright

Male 1752 - 1828  (76 years)

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  • Name Barnabas Woolbright 
    Born 1752  England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Mar 1828  Union Co., SC Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family 1 Martha Adams,   b. 1775,   d. 1831  (Age 56 years) 
     1. Margaret Woolbright,   b. Between 1795 and 1799,   d. 1828  (Age ~ 33 years)
    +2. Mary Woolbright,   b. 6 May 1797, Union Co., SC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 14 Jul 1881, Oconee Co., SC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 84 years)
     3. Ann Woolbright,   b. 1803,   d. 1870  (Age 67 years)
     4. John Woolbright,   b. 1805,   d. 1855  (Age 50 years)
     5. Barnabas Woolbright, II,   b. 1807,   d. Yes, date unknown
     6. Centhia Woolbright,   b. 1810,   d. 1872  (Age 62 years)
     7. Harrison Woolbright,   b. 1812,   d. 1880  (Age 68 years)
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    Family 2 Mary Elizabeth Saunders,   b. 1756,   d. Abt 1800  (Age 44 years) 
     1. Jane Woolbright
     2. Jacob Woolbright,   b. 1773,   d. 1828  (Age 55 years)
     3. Susan Woolbright,   b. 1784,   d. 1828  (Age 44 years)
     4. Betsy Woolbright,   b. 1786,   d. 1870  (Age 84 years)
    +5. Jesse Woolbright,   b. 1790,   d. 1860  (Age 70 years)
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  • Notes 
    • Barnabas Woolbright first appears in Fairfax Co. Va. in the tax
      records of 1782. Prior to this, he appears to have lived in Maryland,
      having immigrated there with his brother, Jacob, from England c1766,
      but there is no proof of this. It was noted in 1788 County records
      that he worked his alloted time on roads bordering his plantation in
      Truro Twp. On 22 Sept 1789, he is recorded as living between William
      Turner & James Wren, Jr. on the Turnpike road running from the county
      line to Alexandria.

      Listed in 1790 Census of Fairfax Co. Va. with household of five.

      His brother, Jacob, Sr., moved from Fairfax Co., Va. to Wilkes Co. Ga.
      in 1792 to settle a bounty land grant received for revolutionary war
      service. Subsequently, in or after 1793, Barnabas moved to
      Union Co. S. C. to take up farming. He no longer appears in the
      Fairfax County Tax records after 1791 but is still in the county on 02
      Jan 1792 as he and his wife, Elizabeth, and her father, Lewis
      Saunders, were present to sign with their marks, an indenture
      transfering a parcel of land from them to Richard Ratcliff. Lewis
      died probably in Aug 1792. Elizabeth and Barnabas witnessed transfer
      of the deed from the estate sale of her father; Barnabas by a B, and
      she by her mark. So they were still in Virginia in late 1792.

      Barnabas may well have been preceded to Union County by his eldest
      son, Jacob, and/or cousins,
      descendants of Samuel, whose spouses appear to have been living in the
      Union Co. S. C. area, prior to his arrival.

      Barnaby Woolbright purchased land from Richard Brown in 1794. The
      transaction was witnessed by his son, Jacob. The land joined that of
      Henry Good, probably a brother-in-law of Sarah Simpson Good and aunt
      of Martha Adams. He also acquired 100 acres from Richard Brock on SW
      side of Broad River, Union Co , S. C. 30 Jan 1795.

      He was called for jury duty in 1796.

      The l800 Union Co. Census lists Barnet (!) Woolbright, age 45, with
      household of six females,
      one son (Jesse) and a wife between 26-45 (1755/1774).
      The 1810 Census lists a Bannan(s?) Woolbright with three each male and
      female children
      (three daughters having left home ?) and a wife under the age of 45
      The 1820 Census lists a Barnett (!) Woolbright with three sons and
      three daughters, all about ten years older than the 1810 census and a
      wife over 45 (1775) [i. e., Martha was born c1774 ].

      Obviously these are clerical misspellings of Barnabas' name plus the
      credentials of these other spellings are essentially those of
      Barnabas. In addition to the children listed, Barnabas
      probably had two daughters born about 1774 to 1784. Others were
      born 1784-1790 , 1794-1800 and 1800-1810 and 1800-1810. Also two
      sons were born about 1804-1810 for a total of twelve children.

      The American Genealogical Biography Index lists Barnabas, Jacob and
      Samuel as being born in Virginia or Pennsylvania in the 175x?. To
      date, I have found no records in Pennsylvania of any Woolbrights born
      or living there in colonial times. Nancy Dyer Garred indicated that
      the Woolbright Family came from Maryland to Virginia, landing in
      Maryland from England.

      The S. C. 1830 census has an absence for any Woolbright male names
      (except for Barney, Barnabas’ son), Barnaba(s) having died by
      March1828 as the generally accepted date. He was about 76 at the time
      of his death, confirming his date of birth as 1752. Elizabeth must
      have died and he appears to have remarried probably after his arrival
      in Union Co. According to records filed recording content of his
      estate, legatees included "his wife and ten other legatees, the wife
      appears to be Susan". (Two daughters may have died.) Not all are
      mentioned by name except Betsy, a daughter and wife of Timothy Haney
      of Jackson, Tn. (Barnabas had several grandchildren in Jackson Co.
      Tenn., sons of Jesse.) Inventory of the estate was offered to the
      probate court on 16 April1828 and an estate sale was authorized.
      Listed as being present at the estate sale included Jesse, Peggy
      Woolbright* (Margaret ?, probably another one of the unnamed daughters
      of Barnabas), sons, Bs.(Barneby), Jacob and M. (Mary). On 05 May
      1828, after expenses of $272. 65, the estate was residually valued at
      $202.98. His widow was to receive one third, $67.66, and the rest
      divided amoung ten legates @ $13. 53 each.(5) Further notations
      indicates division of threshed grains to Susan ‘Wilbright on 01 Nov
      1828 at 75 cents per bu. for eight bushels.

      On 08 Feb 1830, Timothy & Betsy Hamey appoint George McGipson of
      Jackson Co. Tenn. as their attorney to receive whatever daughter Betsy
      is entitled to ‘as an heir of Barnet Woolbright, Dec'd of Union Co. S.

      The estate was finally dispersed in 1831. Since no change in
      administrative disposition is noted, his widow must still have been
      living but otherwise remained unnamed.

      The following is a parital listing of heirs of Jacob Woolbright who
      was an heir of Barnabas Woolbright; from Anderson Co. S. C.: Mary
      Austin; Sophia M. Lumpkins, wife of Dickson Lumpkins; Elizabeth
      Woolbright Hays, wife of Robein (Robins) Hays; and Sally Woolbright
      Nance. James Nance, brother-in-law, was appointed by the four sisters
      (Jacob's daughters) to act as their agent to obtain a legacy from
      estate of Barney Woolbright, deceased (Anderson District court
      records, 11 Feb 1832). On 12 Feb 1833, there is recorded a dispersal
      of $4.00 to each of them, from their father Jacob's inheritance from
      Barnabas. Barnabas' total estate at this time was valued at $50.00.

      There is a mention of a Mary as Barnabas' wife on LDS Ancestral
      Library Microfilm with the marriage of Barnett Woolbright and Mary
      about 1785 and that Ann was born to them in 1803.
      (Some LDS Ancestral Library records also list Barnabas and Mary as
      having a daughter, Amy, b.1806,married to John Gee.) The Gee family
      have determined by independent records that John Gee was married to
      Ann Woolbright, most probably born in 1803, and that the "Amy" is
      misreading of hand written versions of Ann, Annie, Amy in record
      books). However, Barnabas may have had a daughter, or daughter-in-law,
      named Amy several years younger than Ann, b. 1812.

      Referred to in Fairfax Co. Va. records variously as Barnabas,
      Barnaba and Barnaby. His father-in-law, Lewis Saunders, who, in an
      indenture signed on 12 Aug 1791 and filed with the Fairfax County
      Court on the twentyth instant, referred to him as BARNABY whom he
      appointed to act as trustee for certain bequeaths to two of his sons,
      John and Simon Saunders, whom he judged to be incapable of looking
      after themselves; as well as in an indenture signed on 02 Jan 1792; as
      Barnaby in 1795, 1796 Union Co. S. C. court records of land deeds
      and appointment as a juryman; as Barnet in 1800 Union Co. Census; as
      Bannan(s) in 1810 census; as Barnett in 1820 census; as
      BARNABAS in probate court records of his Will and estate transaction
      but as BARNET on 10 Feb 1830 in a brief filed with the probate court
      by his daughter Betsey's lawyer, George Mc Gipson, wherein he is
      appointed to represent her interests in settlement of Barnabas'
      estate; as Barney, in a brief filed by Jacob's daughters with the
      Anderson District Court appointing John Nance, Sally's husband, to act
      on their behalf in regards to any inheritance due them as heirs of
      Jacob who received a bequeath from his father, Barnabas.

      (1) Land records, Pinchney Dist. of Union Co.1795.
      (2) Nancy Dyer Garred stated that the Woolbright Family came from
      Maryland to Virginia, landing in Maryland from England. (A HISTORY AND
      GENEALOGY OF THE DYERS, by Dr. A. U. Gerrad, 1921, oral history of
      Nancy Dyer Garred, granddaughter of Jacob Woolbright, probably in Ky.)

      (3) Date of death from Union district court records, application to
      sell goods and chattels of Barnabas Woolbright by James F. Walker,
      dated 13 March 1828 & "fifty-second year of American Independence".
      (4) Estate of Barnabas Woolbright, Box 16, Pkg. 19, Union County Court
      Records [1828], from notes of Dave Axe, Index Washington, 1975.
      (5) Letters of Administration applied for on 25th & approved 31 March
      1828. 1830 Probate Court records #255 028, Box 16-17, Nos 1-27,1-29,
      Union Co. S.C.- Barnabas Woolbrite from Dave Axe, Index, Washington;
      Karen Patterson, Traveler's Rest, S. C.
      (6) Court records of estate actions, James F. Walker, Nov 1828.
      (P. Woolbright purchased from Barnabas' estate, one
      oven lid and hooks; one wheel and two kegs; a hog, a cow and calf;
      five buschels of corn; a basket and small piece of iron.)
      (7) Court Transactions of Jackson Dist. Tenn. 1830.
      (8) LDS Microfilm Libarary, State of S. C., p.8,044. (See Second
      wife's notes.)
      (9) LDS, Int. Gen. Index (IGI), 1988 ed.