Genealogy by Martha

Cross - Love - Culpepper - Herron - Mordecai - Shelby - Cobb

Albertville, Marshall Co., AL



Latitude: 34.2675937, Longitude: -86.2088669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Culpepper, Erma Lorine  21 Nov 1902Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2568
2 Culpepper, 1st Lt. Harold L.  Abt 1919Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2723
3 Culpepper, Imogene M.  2 Nov 1914Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2701
4 Culpepper, James (Jay) (J.) Ellwood  16 Jul 1911Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2690
5 Culpepper, Jewel G.  16 Dec 1896Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I596
6 Culpepper, Johnnie Mary Ann  2 Aug 1905Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2656
7 Culpepper, Julian  2 Aug 1917Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2712
8 Culpepper, Lillian Iola  2 Mar 1893Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2623
9 Culpepper, Nena L.  16 Jul 1898Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2634
10 Culpepper, Opal G.  1 Jan 1901Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2645
11 Culpepper, Willie Opal  25 Jun 1909Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2679
12 Medlock, Audie  19 Jul 1890Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I605
13 Medlock, Bertha Cleo  19 Jan 1894Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I607
14 Medlock, Elbert Roe  Apr 1897Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I609
15 Medlock, Elva F.  Nov 1895Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I608
16 Medlock, Maudie B.  11 Nov 1892Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I606
17 Medlock, Olin Campbell  23 Apr 1899Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bright, Arelia Ann  31 May 1937Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I8309
2 Culpepper, Jewel G.  28 Aug 1897Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I596
3 Culpepper, Julian  2 Aug 1917Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2712
4 Culpepper, Leelzer Vada  14 May 1959Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2921
5 Culpepper, Mary Alice Elizabeth  13 Jun 1930Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2833
6 Culpepper, Nena L.  6 Aug 1902Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2634
7 Culpepper, Opal G.  26 Sep 1901Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2645
8 Culpepper, Willie Opal  8 Feb 1910Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2679
9 Harlan, Mary Ann  22 Nov 1887Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2745
10 LNU (Medlock), Alta Grace  1927Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I617
11 Lowry, Tennie L.  23 Apr 1953Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I612
12 Medlock, Audie  24 Feb 1907Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I605
13 Medlock, Bertha Cleo  3 Jul 1966Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I607
14 Medlock, David Walter  17 Aug 1958Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I590
15 Medlock, Elbert Roe  1927Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I609
16 Medlock, Elva F.  5 Dec 1972Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I608
17 Medlock, Emily Frances  6 May 1940Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I6277
18 Medlock, James Garrison  28 Jan 1927Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I6281
19 Medlock, John Garnett  23 Jun 1967Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I599
20 Medlock, John Reeder  9 Dec 1926Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2734
21 Medlock, Maudie B.  4 Oct 1893Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I606
22 Medlock, Sara Catherine  2 Mar 1901Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I6279
23 Medlock, Will Garrison  9 Jul 1963Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I600
24 Willoughby, Nancy Jane  3 Jul 1936Albertville, Marshall Co., AL I2766


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McDonald / Medlock  26 Nov 1899Albertville, Marshall Co., AL F4835
2 Medlock / Lowry  Abt 1905Albertville, Marshall Co., AL F4840