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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Aaron  1843Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1396
2 Campbell, Alva  13 May 1822Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I243
3 Campbell, Asa (Nace's twin)  Bef 1814Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1363
4 Campbell, Avaline  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1673
5 Campbell, Celia Ann Frances  20 Aug 1860Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1669
6 Campbell, Clyde D.  Mar 1883Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9878
7 Campbell, Cynthia  Abt 1827Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I11969
8 Campbell, David  Abt 1840Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1659
9 Campbell, Dr. David Aaron  Oct 1866Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9875
10 Campbell, Elijah C. II  Abt 1810Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1655
11 Campbell, Elizabeth  13 May 1820Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I100
12 Campbell, Elizabeth  15 Aug 1841Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1660
13 Campbell, Elmina  Abt 1838Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1658
14 Campbell, George W.  5 Jun 1827Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I6541
15 Campbell, James  Abt 1829Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I6540
16 Campbell, James  Abt 1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1666
17 Campbell, Jane  Abt 1866Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1672
18 Campbell, John  Abt 1850Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1664
19 Campbell, Joseph  Abt 1816Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9143
20 Campbell, Joseph  Abt 1869Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9876
21 Campbell, Lucinda Lou  1848Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1394
22 Campbell, Luraney  Abt 1852Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1665
23 Campbell, Malona Astoria  2 Sep 1828Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I235
24 Campbell, Mary  Abt 1862Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1670
25 Campbell, Melana  1832Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I240
26 Campbell, Melissa Ann  1824Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I241
27 Campbell, Nathan (Asa's twin)  Abt 1814Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I982
28 Campbell, Oliver  Abt 1849Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1663
29 Campbell, Osburn  Abt 1847Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1662
30 Campbell, Rebecca  Abt 1842Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1661
31 Campbell, Sarah E.  1849Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1395
32 Campbell, Susan Parolee  Abt 1832Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I6537
33 Campbell, Virgil O'gilvie  19 Jul 1872Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9877
34 Campbell, William  1838Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I6542
35 Campbell, Willliam  Abt 1863Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1671
36 Cobb, Albert Lafayette  2 Jun 1858Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I930
37 Cobb, Alexander A.  16 Mar 1849Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I936
38 Cobb, Amanda Susan  Abt 1854Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1582
39 Cobb, David Washington  13 Dec 1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I928
40 Cobb, Elmina Jane  Abt 1839Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I912
41 Cobb, George Newton  24 Jul 1848Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I934
42 Cobb, Hulda Frances  3 Feb 1858Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1580
43 Cobb, James Andrew Jackson  5 Oct 1851Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I927
44 Cobb, James Franklin  16 Mar 1849Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I937
45 Cobb, John Alexander  11 Feb 1856Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I929
46 Cobb, Julia Leola  Feb 1845Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I914
47 Cobb, Laura M.  11 Jan 1851Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I938
48 Cobb, Levi Banks  17 Feb 1819Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4684
49 Cobb, Levi Rufus  1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I940
50 Cobb, Lucy Angeline  10 Aug 1865Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I932

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banks, Mary Caroline  1 May 1857Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4088
2 Banks, Ruth  Abt 1821Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4584
3 Caddell, Mary  Aft 1830Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I103
4 Campbell, Aaron Sr.  5 May 1830Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I970
5 Campbell, Aaron Jr.  2 Nov 1858Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I237
6 Campbell, Alva  12 Nov 1901Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I243
7 Campbell, Elijah C. II  Abt 1866Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1655
8 Campbell, Joseph  Unknown - prob. youngBibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9876
9 Campbell, Martha (Marthea)  Aft 1860Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I978
10 Campbell, Melana  Bef 1857Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I240
11 Campbell, Robert David  Bef 2 Oct 1826Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I980
12 Cobb, Alexander  Bef 7 Nov 1856Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4915
13 Cobb, Hulda Frances  20 Oct 1909Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1580
14 Cobb, Martha Elmira  Abt 1862Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1593
15 Cobb, Priscilla  Bef 1850Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4662
16 Cornell-Yoholo, Kurn Chartee  1872Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I981
17 Davenport, Isaac  Bef 1857Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I245
18 Evans, Harriett A.  28 Aug 1866Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I8573
19 Gentry, Isaac Sr.  1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I6251
20 Glascock, John Milton Sr.  Aft 7 Aug 1832Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I969
21 Glascock, Martha  1884Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I101
22 Hayes, William Collin  19 Aug 1873Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9052
23 Honeycutt, James  1865Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4839
24 Nix, Martin  Abt 1865Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I248
25 Rasberry, Benjamin T.  8 Sep 1894Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9047
26 Rasberry, William Green Sr.  23 Jan 1864Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I244
27 Wooley, John Newton  1854Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9117
28 Wooley, Mary Jane  1857Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9116
29 Wooley, Pinkney  30 Oct 1862Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I4087
30 Wooley, Sara Ann  1857Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9114
31 Wooley, Virgil T.  27 Mar 1836Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I9098


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Cobb, Rebecca Underwood Parminter  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I1141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Aaron Sr.  20 Apr 1830Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I970
2 Campbell, Robert David  6 Sep 1824Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL I980


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beasley / Campbell  29 Aug 1826Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F2477
2 Brown / Wooley  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4442
3 Campbell / McCrary  14 Apr 1860Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4708
4 Campbell / Palmer  6 Oct 1842Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5089
5 Campbell / Rasberry  16 Jul 1860Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4453
6 Campbell / Vines  29 Sep 1836Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5185
7 Cobb / Arnold  6 Aug 1838Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F3560
8 Cobb / Beasley  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1682
9 Cobb / Campbell  21 Dec 1826Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5002
10 Cobb / Campbell  22 Oct 1836Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4090
11 Cobb / Fitzgerald  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5173
12 Cobb / Franklin  Bef 1877Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5147
13 Cobb / Giles  15 Oct 1836Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F3336
14 Davenport / Campbell  24 Oct 1833Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4711
15 Davenport / Campbell  30 Aug 1849Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4707
16 Davenport / Dawson  15 Jan 1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4455
17 Davenport / Gentry  25 Dec 1841Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4422
18 Davenport / Rasberry  2 Aug 1852Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4454
19 DeShazo / Cobb  30 Dec 1826Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F3673
20 Gentry / Glasscock  11 Aug 1853Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4456
21 Gentry / Goss  1 Aug 1852Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4318
22 Glascock / Campbell  15 Oct 1820–1821Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4940
23 Glascock / Martin  16 Jan 1824Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4684
24 Glascock / Tucker  21 Aug 1832Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4683
25 Glasscock / Martin  20 Feb 1824Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4685
26 Goodgame /   Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4451
27 Goodgame / Cobb  23 Dec 1824Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F2772
28 Goodgame / Rasberry  14 Feb 1822Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4452
29 Goss(Gause) / Cobb  27 Aug 1831Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F3448
30 Green / Thames  30 Jan 1859Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4303
31 Hayes / Wooley  20 Jan 1833Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4438
32 Henderson / Mitchell  6 Jan 1889Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F2470
33 Honeycutt / Cobb  22 Dec 1823Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4012
34 Hubbard / Crumpton  5 Dec 1835Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4460
35 Johnson / Cobb  6 May 1858Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5140
36 Johnson / Gentry  8 Dec 1881Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4276
37 Jones / Wooley  20 Jan 1828Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4437
38 Jones / Wooley  24 Jan 1850Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4443
39 Lawhorn / Cobb  Abt 1836Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F3223
40 Mayo / Nix  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1694
41 McNeill / Cobb  31 Jul 1867Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5141
42 McNeill / Evans  30 Apr 1856Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4275
43 Nix / Brown  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1691
44 Nix / Campbell  17 Sep 1847Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4709
45 Nix / Smith  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1695
46 Nix / Tucker  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1690
47 Northcutt / Campbell  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F2809
48 Palmer / Campbell  26 Dec 1843Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4710
49 Pate / Hubbard  21 Oct 1833Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F4459
50 Penn / Nix  Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F1696

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Cobb / Campbell  Abt 1828Bibb Co., (Chilton Co.) AL F5002

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