Genealogy by Martha

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Pike Co., GA



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bussy, Amanda J.  Abt 1862Pike Co., GA I11916
2 Bussy, Francis L.  Abt 1859Pike Co., GA I11915
3 Bussy, James  Jan 1832Pike Co., GA I11913
4 Bussy, Wesley J.  Abt 1857Pike Co., GA I11914
5 Crenshaw, Catherine  Abt 1842Pike Co., GA I11875
6 Crenshaw, Elizabeth  Abt 1838Pike Co., GA I11873
7 Crenshaw, Francis Marion  Abt 1840Pike Co., GA I11854
8 Crenshaw, George Washington Sr.  14 Sep 1828Pike Co., GA I4202
9 Crenshaw, James M.  Abt 1837Pike Co., GA I11872
10 Crenshaw, Jeptha Francis  Abt 1836Pike Co., GA I11871
11 Crenshaw, John Thomas  Abt 1830Pike Co., GA I11868
12 Crenshaw, Joseph Madison  30 Aug 1839Pike Co., GA I11874
13 Crenshaw, Joseph S.  Abt 1837Pike Co., GA I11862
14 Crenshaw, Levi J.  Abt 1845Pike Co., GA I11877
15 Crenshaw, Lucetta Memphis  Abt 1849Pike Co., GA I11879
16 Crenshaw, Michael Rudolph  Abt 1848Pike Co., GA I11878
17 Crenshaw, Rachel  Abt 1844Pike Co., GA I11876
18 Crenshaw, Susan P.  Abt 1832Pike Co., GA I11869
19 Crenshaw, Wiley David  3 Mar 1833Pike Co., GA I11870
20 Elliott, William F.  Abt 1834Pike Co., GA I11917
21 Gray, Francis A.  Abt 1839Pike Co., GA I12152
22 Gray, James Thomas  Abt 1834Pike Co., GA I12150
23 Gray, Mary Jane E. (Elizabeth ?)  Abt 1837Pike Co., GA I12151
24 Gray, S. J.  Abt 1836Pike Co., GA I12147
25 Gray, Sarah  Abt 1849Pike Co., GA I12153
26 Turner, Almira Sophronia  19 Aug 1833Pike Co., GA I11909
27 Turner, Amanda J.  Abt 1838Pike Co., GA I11910
28 Turner, Wesley A.  Abt 1841Pike Co., GA I11911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crenshaw, Joseph  Pike Co., GA I11865


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bussy / Turner  Abt 1855Pike Co., GA F5998
2 Chandler / Turner  Abt 1855Pike Co., GA F5997
3 Drewry / Bell  30 Nov 1843Pike Co., GA F5741
4 Elliott / Turner  Abt 1861Pike Co., GA F5999
5 Turner / Crenshaw  8 Oct 1833Pike Co., GA F5996
6 Wright / Crenshaw  10 Dec 1833Pike Co., GA F6003