Genealogy by Martha

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Craven Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banks, Amos  11 May 1777Craven Co., NC I1457
2 Banks, II Charles  10 Jul 1747Craven Co., NC I1268
3 Banks, III Charles  10 Oct 1772Craven Co., NC I1434
4 Banks, Cynthia  7 Oct 1781Craven Co., NC I1479
5 Banks, David  3 May 1775Craven Co., NC I1446
6 Banks, James  Abt 1783Craven Co., NC I1490
7 Banks, Sarah  9 Oct 1779Craven Co., NC I1468
8 Beasley, Dicy  Abt 1785Craven Co., NC I7596
9 Beasley, James  Abt 1788Craven Co., NC I7600
10 Beasley, John  Abt 1787Craven Co., NC I7598
11 Beasley, Keziah B.  Abt 1794Craven Co., NC I7603
12 Beasley, Lewis  Abt 1794Craven Co., NC I7601
13 Beasley, Nicy  Abt 1785Craven Co., NC I7597
14 Beasley, William  25 Apr 1762Craven Co., NC I7594
15 Caddell, Barbara  10 Mar 1753Craven Co., NC I6189
16 Caddell, Benjamin  29 Dec 1763Craven Co., NC I1376
17 Caddell, Jacob  22 Feb 1755Craven Co., NC I1375
18 Caddell, James Daniel  16 Feb 1761Craven Co., NC I1373
19 Caddell, John  4 Jun 1751Craven Co., NC I6536
20 Caddell, Johnathan  29 May 1757Craven Co., NC I1378
21 Caddell, Mary  17 Sep 1767Craven Co., NC I103
22 Caddell, William Albert  29 May 1760Craven Co., NC I1372
23 Cross, John Leach  Abt 1795Craven Co., NC I4146
24 Daugherty, Daniel  1760Craven Co., NC I6629
25 Daugherty, Henry Ephraim  1766Craven Co., NC I6631
26 Daugherty, Holland  6 Feb 1775Craven Co., NC I6632
27 Daugherty, Moses  Abt 1798Craven Co., NC I8745
28 Daugherty, Reuben Sr.  15 Dec 1778Craven Co., NC I6614
29 Daugherty, Robert T.  1763Craven Co., NC I6630
30 Daugherty, William  31 May 1803Craven Co., NC I8472
31 LNU (Daugherty), Kesiah  Abt 1737Craven Co., NC I7592
32 McCoy, Edward Cowan  6 Apr 1798Craven Co., NC I6702
33 McCoy, Levicia  1790Craven Co., NC I6700
34 McCoy, Rebecca  1797Craven Co., NC I6701
35 Prevatte, Elizabeth  1744Craven Co., NC I6691
36 Taylor, Absolum  1791Craven Co., NC I7793
37 Taylor, Alfred  8 Jul 1808Craven Co., NC I8796
38 Taylor, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1767Craven Co., NC I7595
39 Taylor, Joseph Prevatte  21 Apr 1765Craven Co., NC I6740
40 Taylor, Mary Ann  26 Oct 1788Craven Co., NC I6719
41 Taylor, Moses II  1762Craven Co., NC I7789
42 Taylor, Nancy Ann  1769Craven Co., NC I6690
43 Taylor, Prudence  Abt 1729Craven Co., NC I6905
44 Taylor, Redding  1776Craven Co., NC I7790
45 Taylor, Sarah  1768Craven Co., NC I6641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander (?), Susannah  Bef 5 Jan 1762Craven Co., NC I6633
2 Banks, I Charles  Aft 1792Craven Co., NC I1290
3 Daugherty, Henry Ephraim  Craven Co., NC I6631
4 LNU (Taylor), Katherine  7 Jul 1852Craven Co., NC I6754
5 McCoy, William  Aft 1791Craven Co., NC I7593
6 McCoy, Willis  Mar 1801Craven Co., NC I7590
7 Slade, Mary  15 Feb 1840Craven Co., NC I6741
8 Taylor, Joseph Prevatte  25 Jan 1853Craven Co., NC I6740
9 Taylor, Mary  1785Craven Co., NC I6628


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks / Gibson  Abt 1770Craven Co., NC F4574
2 Beasley / Taylor  3 Feb 1784Craven Co., NC F3966
3 Caddell / Cole  1752Craven Co., NC F4650
4 Daugherty / McCoy  12 Jan 1789Craven Co., NC F3958
5 Daugherty / McCoy  26 Dec 1801Craven Co., NC F3959
6 Daugherty / Richardson  10 Oct 1822Craven Co., NC F3957
7 Daugherty / Taylor  1759Craven Co., NC F3659
8 Daugherty / Taylor  24 Apr 1786Craven Co., NC F3672
9 McCoy / LNU (Daugherty)  Abt 1755Craven Co., NC F3964
10 Taylor / LNU (Taylor)  Aft 1840Craven Co., NC F3697
11 Taylor / Slade  Bef 1788Craven Co., NC F3689