Genealogy by Martha

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Iredell Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Iredell Co., NC I9438
2 Allison, Alexander  27 Nov 1749Iredell Co., NC I8526
3 Allison, Ann Simonton  Abt 1769Iredell Co., NC I9428
4 Allison, John  Abt Feb 1767Iredell Co., NC I9444
5 Allison, Margaret  29 Aug 1756Iredell Co., NC I8527
6 Allison, Richard Col.  20 Sep 1761Iredell Co., NC I9426
7 Allison, Col. Richard  20 Sep 1761Iredell Co., NC I9443
8 Allison, Theophilus  1 Feb 1748Iredell Co., NC I8525
9 Allison, Theophilus (1)  1 Feb 1747–1748Iredell Co., NC I9446
10 Allison, Theophilus (2)  30 May 1754Iredell Co., NC I9447
11 Allison, Theophilus (2nd)  30 May 1754Iredell Co., NC I9425
12 Allison, II Thomas Col.  10 Jan 1759Iredell Co., NC I8528
13 Allison, Capt. Thomas  18 Jan 1760Iredell Co., NC I9442
14 Barkley, Louisa Letty  Iredell Co., NC I2750
15 Bogle, Jane  Abt 1794Iredell Co., NC I2814
16 Bogle, Joseph  Abt 1789Iredell Co., NC I2812
17 Bogle, Margaret  Abt 1796Iredell Co., NC I2815
18 Bogle, Sarah  27 Mar 1792Iredell Co., NC I2813
19 Boyd, Ebeneezer  18 Dec 1797Iredell Co., NC I4115
20 Boyd, Hezekiah Wilson  Abt 1800Iredell Co., NC I4095
21 Boyd, John  19 Oct 1800Iredell Co., NC I4116
22 Boyd, Josiah  19 Jul 1791Iredell Co., NC I4113
23 Boyd, Martha  11 Jul 1794Iredell Co., NC I4114
24 Boyd, Jr. Moses  Abt 1806Iredell Co., NC I2747
25 Boyd, Nancy  Abt 1792Iredell Co., NC I4090
26 Boyd, Robert  Abt 1796Iredell Co., NC I4092
27 Boyd, Sarah  25 Feb 1787Iredell Co., NC I4111
28 Boyd, Sarah  Abt 1794Iredell Co., NC I4091
29 Boyd, Silas  Abt 1791Iredell Co., NC I4089
30 Boyd, Thomas  Abt 1808Iredell Co., NC I4096
31 Boyd, Violet  Abt 1798Iredell Co., NC I4093
32 Cross, Samuel Jr.  9 Feb 1771Iredell Co., NC I4325
33 Fullerton, Isabella  15 May 1795Iredell Co., NC I1449
34 Gracy (Gracey) (Greacey), John  Abt 1759Iredell Co., NC I9267
35 Gracy (Gracey) (Greacey), Robert  Iredell Co., NC I9275
36 Knox, Eliza  Iredell Co., NC I3508
37 Knox, Joseph  Iredell Co., NC I3502
38 Knox, Mary  Iredell Co., NC I3498
39 Knox, Mary  Iredell Co., NC I3506
40 Knox, Melinda  Iredell Co., NC I3509
41 Knox, Sarah Barr  Iredell Co., NC I3507
42 Neil, Ann Agnes  27 Jan 1806Iredell Co., NC I9456
43 Neil, Jane  17 Oct 1802Iredell Co., NC I9455
44 Neil, John  3 Feb 1793Iredell Co., NC I9452
45 Neil, Margaret  Abt 1799Iredell Co., NC I9454
46 Neil, Rosannah F.  Abt 1797Iredell Co., NC I9453
47 Neil, William  Abt 1788Iredell Co., NC I9450
48 Ramsey, Isabel  Iredell Co., NC I9268
49 Witherspoon, daughter #2  Abt 1782Iredell Co., NC I2767
50 Witherspoon, daughter 1  Abt 1779Iredell Co., NC I2765

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Alexander  May 1781Iredell Co., NC I8526
2 Allison, Ann Simonton  Abt 1809Iredell Co., NC I9428
3 Allison, Magdelene  27 Nov 1802Iredell Co., NC I1516
4 Allison, Margaret  24 Sep 1779Iredell Co., NC I8527
5 Allison, Col. Richard  Iredell Co., NC I9443
6 Allison, Theophilus  1750Iredell Co., NC I8525
7 Allison, Theophilus (1)  1750Iredell Co., NC I9446
8 Allison, Capt. Thomas  Iredell Co., NC I9442
9 Allison, Thomas  Iredell Co., NC I9445
10 Allison, Thomas  5 May 1794Iredell Co., NC I9439
11 Knox, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1807Iredell Co., NC I3682
12 Knox, William M.  21 Oct 1868Iredell Co., NC I5222
13 Milligan, Hannah  Abt 1830Iredell Co., NC I2749
14 Simonton, Magdalene  17 May 1794Iredell Co., NC I9440
15 Stevenson, Prudence  Bef 1837Iredell Co., NC I2748


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bogle / Leach  Abt 1787Iredell Co., NC F5114
2 Boyd / Barkley  31 Jan 1837Iredell Co., NC F1964
3 Boyd / Bogle (possibly)  Iredell Co., NC F1994
4 Boyd / Milligan  10 Feb 1830Iredell Co., NC F1961
5 Boyd / Stevenson  Abt 1826Iredell Co., NC F1963
6 Gracy (Gracey) (Greacey) / Ramsey  Iredell Co., NC F4497
7 Knox / Knox  Iredell Co., NC F2296
8 Neil / Allison  24 Oct 1786Iredell Co., NC F5266
9 Watt / Reid  Aft 1763Iredell Co., NC F5935