Genealogy by Martha

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Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA



Latitude: 34.3698266, Longitude: -83.2351550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beall, Adeastus  Abt 1801Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11110
2 Beall, Amelia  Abt 1803Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11111
3 Beall, Amelia Jane  2 Dec 1826Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11061
4 Beall, Augustus Chandler  20 Jan 1819Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11057
5 Beall, Clarrisa  Abt 1812Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11116
6 Beall, Frederick  Abt 1797Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11108
7 Beall, James Morris  10 Dec 1824Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11060
8 Beall, Lt. Col. John Bramlet  19 Mar 1833Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11063
9 Beall, Josiah D.  Abt 1804Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11112
10 Beall, Lucy  Abt 1808Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11114
11 Beall, Martha  Abt 1810Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11115
12 Beall, Martha Sarah  3 Mar 1831Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11062
13 Beall, Mary Frances  28 Jun 1836Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11064
14 Beall, Milton  Abt 1806Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11113
15 Beall, Capt. Noble Newnan  11 Feb 1829Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11020
16 Beall, Noble Peyton  Abt 1799Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11109
17 Beall, Otho Perryman  15 Aug 1817Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11056
18 Beall, Thaddeus  Abt 1793Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11107
19 Beall, Thomas Newton  5 Mar 1820Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11058
20 Beall, William Orlando  20 Apr 1823Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11059
21 Beall, William Otho Adjutant General of GA, and Senator  20 Feb 1795Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beall, Martha Peyton  23 Sep 1856Carnesville, Franklin Co., GA I11079