Genealogy by Martha

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Perryville, Perry Co., AL



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Ellen  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5086
2 Bell, Ida  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5085
3 Bell, T. Archie  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5087
4 Campbell, Anna Levania  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5123
5 Campbell, Laura Elar  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5122
6 Campbell, Thomas Benjamine  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5121
7 Campbell, William Wesley  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5120
8 Cook, James  15 Sep 1858Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5058
9 Eaves, Clemie  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5114
10 Eaves, Mary Callie  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5116
11 Pardue, America Josephine  2 Mar 1859Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5009
12 Pardue, Andrew J.  1847Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5051
13 Pardue, Caroline  1841Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5049
14 Pardue, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1851Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5077
15 Pardue, Frances Mariah  Sep 1853Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5078
16 Pardue, George  30 Dec 1857Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5008
17 Pardue, James Elgin  31 Jul 1878Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5013
18 Pardue, James Joseph Young  1848Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5003
19 Pardue, Jefferson Franklin  26 Mar 1850Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5043
20 Pardue, John M.  Feb 1836Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5046
21 Pardue, John P.  Aug 1853Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5006
22 Pardue, Josephine  Jun 1863Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5083
23 Pardue, Loranah  16 Mar 1855Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5007
24 Pardue, Maranda  Oct 1850Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5005
25 Pardue, Mary  1838Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5047
26 Pardue, Mary Ellen  1855Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5082
27 Pardue, William  1845Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5050
28 Sherrer, Charles DeWitt  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5099
29 Sherrer, Fred Alonzo  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5095
30 Sherrer, John Nelson  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5094
31 Sherrer, Martha Ann  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5100
32 Sherrer, Mary Maude  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5096
33 Sherrer, Thomas Madison  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5093
34 Sherrer, Vita Mae  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5098
35 Sherrer, Warren Otto  Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5097


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Mary  1886Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5054
2 Pardue, Andrew J.  1863Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5051
3 Pardue, George  8 Feb 1858Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5008
4 Pardue, Loranah  1856Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5007
5 Pardue, William  1847Perryville, Perry Co., AL I5050


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / LNU (Bell)  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2868
2 Bell / LNU (Bell)  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2869
3 Bell / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2866
4 Campbell / Key  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2890
5 Campbell / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2888
6 Campbell / White  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2889
7 Carroll / Sherrer  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2876
8 Cook / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2860
9 Eaves / Bell  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2867
10 Eaves / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2883
11 Ellis / Campbell  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2892
12 Gay / Campbell  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2891
13 Mitchell / Sherrer  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2877
14 Osborn / Sherrer  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2882
15 Pardue / Apperson  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2858
16 Pardue / Apperson  2 Sep 1858Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2859
17 Pardue / Barnes  23 Dec 1874Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2857
18 Pardue / Bell  16 Dec 1846Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2839
19 Pardue / Bell  30 Dec 1850Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2856
20 Pardue / Letcher  27 May 1872Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2863
21 Pardue / LNU (Pardue)  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2843
22 Pardue / Stone  29 Nov 1869Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2841
23 Porter / Sherrer  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2880
24 Sherrer / LNU (Sherrer)  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2874
25 Sherrer / Melton  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2875
26 Sherrer / Milling  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2878
27 Sherrer / Milling  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2881
28 Sherrer / O'Neal  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2872
29 Sherrer / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2870
30 Sherrer / Porter  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2871
31 Walker / Pardue  24 Aug 1865Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2861
32 Wallis / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2842
33 Wallis / Pardue  Perryville, Perry Co., AL F2844