Genealogy by Martha

Cross - Love - Culpepper - Herron - Mordecai - Shelby - Cobb

Lexington Co., SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Hannah  Abt 1747Lexington Co., SC I5190
2 Bell, Catherine  1797Lexington Co., SC I2965
3 Campbell, John  Abt 1790Lexington Co., SC I8746
4 Campbell, Martha (Marthea)  Abt 1785Lexington Co., SC I978
5 Cobb, Ann  1842Lexington Co., SC I4245
6 Cobb, Emeline  1838Lexington Co., SC I4036
7 Cobb, Hillary  1833Lexington Co., SC I4035
8 Cobb, John S.  1844Lexington Co., SC I4247
9 Cobb, Lucy Jane  1842Lexington Co., SC I4037
10 Cobb, William Henry  1843Lexington Co., SC I4246
11 Culpeper, Sarah Ann  Lexington Co., SC I2914
12 Davenport, Andrew Jackson  1829Lexington Co., SC I6267
13 Davenport, D.H.  1817Lexington Co., SC I6264
14 Davenport, Isaac  1825Lexington Co., SC I6266
15 Davenport, John  Abt 1810Lexington Co., SC I6261
16 Davenport, Joseph  Abt 1809Lexington Co., SC I6260
17 Davenport, Washington  1830Lexington Co., SC I6268
18 Davenport, William  1813Lexington Co., SC I6263
19 Davenport, Wilson  30 Mar 1811Lexington Co., SC I250
20 Davis, Mark P.  Lexington Co., SC I4950
21 Dowdy, James G.  Abt 1795Lexington Co., SC I2875
22 Gentry, David Samuel  Lexington Co., SC I6111
23 Gentry, Rebecca  Abt 1810Lexington Co., SC I9034
24 Goggans, Matilda  1826Lexington Co., SC I4244
25 Herron, Adoline Willa  25 Dec 1836Lexington Co., SC I636
26 Herron, Charles Lee  2 Sep 1886Lexington Co., SC I649
27 Herron, Etta Corine  3 Jul 1892Lexington Co., SC I652
28 Herron, Eula Elizziabeth  8 Dec 1884Lexington Co., SC I648
29 Herron, Frances Ann  17 Dec 1828Lexington Co., SC I631
30 Herron, Laura Hester  20 Jan 1831Lexington Co., SC I632
31 Herron, Lois Catherine  4 Apr 1889Lexington Co., SC I650
32 Herron, Lourisy Clementine  29 Apr 1833Lexington Co., SC I633
33 Herron, Narcissa Amanda  22 Nov 1834Lexington Co., SC I634
34 Herron, Virgil Wayne  8 Jan 1839Lexington Co., SC I637
35 Herron, Willie Mae  31 Jul 1895Lexington Co., SC I653
36 Hester, Frances  Abt 1799Lexington Co., SC I6603
37 Hollingworth, Anna L.  Abt 1868Lexington Co., SC I750
38 Hollingworth, John F.  Abt 1876Lexington Co., SC I752
39 Hollingworth, Mamie A.  Abt 1878Lexington Co., SC I753
40 Hollingworth, Robert L.  Abt 1862Lexington Co., SC I751
41 Knox, Samuel J.  Lexington Co., SC I3645
42 LNU (Cobb), Elizabeth J.  Lexington Co., SC I4045
43 LNU (Cobb), Prudence  18 Feb 1808Lexington Co., SC I4034
44 Lowrie, Robert B.  Lexington Co., SC I3647
45 Martin, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1818Lexington Co., SC I6271
46 Oglethorpe, Mary  Abt 1769Lexington Co., SC I3456
47 Oglethorpe, Rebecca  Abt 1754Lexington Co., SC I3454
48 Oglethorpe, Sarah  1750Lexington Co., SC I3198
49 Oglethorpe, Susannah  Abt 1752Lexington Co., SC I3453
50 Oglethorpe, Thomas  Abt 1746Lexington Co., SC I3452

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cobb, Jeremiah II  Between 1840 and 1850Lexington Co., SC I4905
2 Daly, Allie Catherine  10 Oct 1949Lexington Co., SC I678
3 Gillespie, Francis  Apr 1780Lexington Co., SC I3065
4 Goggans, Matilda  Bef 20 Nov 1859Lexington Co., SC I4244
5 Hayes, Martha Jane  5 Mar 1907Lexington Co., SC I697
6 Herron, Charles Lee  23 Apr 1888Lexington Co., SC I649
7 LNU (Culpeper), Lydia  Aft 1775Lexington Co., SC I3298


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks / MNU (Banks)  Lexington Co., SC F3649
2 Bell / LNU (Bell)  1785Lexington Co., SC F4610
3 Burket / Woolbright  5 Apr 1837Lexington Co., SC F4866
4 Cobb / Bradley  20 Nov 1859Lexington Co., SC F2556
5 Cobb / LNU (Cobb)  Abt 1830Lexington Co., SC F2484
6 Culpepper / Bell  Abt 1816Lexington Co., SC F4609
7 Davenport / Gentry  1805Lexington Co., SC F3535
8 Dowdy / LNU  Abt 1832Lexington Co., SC F1950
9 Herron / Gentry  13 Jan 1824Lexington Co., SC F4846
10 Herron / Woolbright  21 Feb 1884Lexington Co., SC F4337
11 Hollingsworth / Smith  1832Lexington Co., SC F4883
12 Oglethorpe / Adams  Aft 1769Lexington Co., SC F2915
13 Oglethorpe / Middleton  Abt 1744Lexington Co., SC F4615
14 Woolbright / Ashley  12 Sep 1889Lexington Co., SC F4852
15 Woolbright / Daly  10 May 1896Lexington Co., SC F4858
16 Woolbright / Fant  31 Jan 1855Lexington Co., SC F4867